Sign Holders

The cornerstone of its products is the SignAge System is our patented two-part system where signs become replaceable Sign Inserts and the Sign Holders become cost effective reusable displays. The System is designed to be owned by the golf facility and, in turn, offered to events and outings as a qualitative improvement over that which is currently brought to the course by the outings and events. The System enables the golf facility to offer competitively priced, high quality signage and make a profit in so doing.

Key points regarding the System are:

  • Far superior quality of graphic presentation
  • Sign inserts can, and should, be given to the sponsor at the conclusion of the event
  • Durable construction
  • Totally weather resistant
  • Easy to put on and pick up from the golf course

SignAge Resources operates a Service Bureau which prints and laminates the sign inserts and ships them to the golf course in plenty of time for the event.

Benefits of the Service Bureau are as follows:

  • As we generally deal directly with the event organizer, there is no additional work required by the golf staff
  • High quality graphics
  • Customization for each golf facility
  • Sponsor logos handled readily. Once the logo is in our archives the is no additional charge for uploading the logo
  • The Service Bureau has never missed an event deadline

The SignAge System is an inexpensive investment which will provide a nice incremental source of income for many years to come.